Help Identify World-Class Providers of Products and Services That Support Irish Heritage

A chairde, we're interested in getting and sharing recommendations for outstanding products and services that support our collective exploration and celebration of the epic heritage of the Irish worldwide.

These would include books -- fiction and nonfiction -- as either downloads, hardcover or softcover; movies, shows and other video-based broadcasts (DVDs); music (mp3 and CDs); performances, e.g., dance, music, theater; handcrafted goods, such as jewelry, wood work, furniture; publications; websites; photographs; events such as exhibits and sporting matches; travel providers; tour providers; tourist destinations; tourism accommodations, more.

We think our community's mission -- to explore and celebrate the epic heritage of the Irish ... worldwide is best served by affirming critiques. We want to accentuate the positive and support vendors who we all feel are offering valued products and services to us. Highlighting the best providers might provide incentives to those not highlighted to upgrade their offerings.

These will allow us to identify the best vendors in the Irish heritage space; provide us leads as we seek to expand our roster of Heritage Partners (sponsors); and provide additional (and much needed) income as we now can earn a commission from most purchases made via links you provide here in the comments below.

Go raibh míle maith agaibh!

Your fellow members on The Wild Geese Team

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I confess to a real partiality to fond reminiscence of Walton's, which I would visit in city center when a student at Trinity College in the early 1970s. I bought a number of song books there, one a compendium of the music of Dominic Behan, that I still have. I think the price was about 35 p. I also bought a tin whistle there, a Clarke's, which I suspect I have somewhere in a drawer at home.

If anything, Walton's now looks to be increasingly international in scope, and decidedly flashy. But I still remember it as a quiet, if not sleepy, repository -- and beneficiarly -- of centuries of Irish musicianship.

Check out this vaunted Irish cultural hub.

Cupán Tae is the nicest little tea shop in Ireland!  Charming ambiance, homemade culinary delights, and of course the wonderful tea make this a must for any visitor to Galway.  The menu has 27 different teas, but my favourite is the Galway Cream black tea.  Pair it with the Courgette and Lime Cake (trust me.)  Alison, the owner, takes pride in promoting Gaeilge in the shop as well.  Tell her I sent you!

In Galway City, Kelly? Do they cater events?

Yes, it's in Galway city.    I don't believe they cater, but you can order whole cakes for parties and such.

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Cupán Tae and especially enjoyed the tea we brought home.  The pastry / cakes are superb.  Treat yourself to a wonderful food and beverage experience the next time you visit Galway!

Tell us a bit about your experience with Atkinson, Gail.

I have to give a shout out to Patrick Lavin, an author who is not only immensely knowledgeable but also a dear friend. Padraig is a Roscommon lad who emigrated to Canada and then to the United States, He lives here in Tucson and has released three books on the Celtic History of Ireland:

The Shaping of the Celtic World

Celtic Ireland West of the River Shannon

The Celtic World: An Illustrated History

He has also co-authored a book with Frank Keane. It is a collection of stories is about the sons and daughters of Erin who made the North American continent their home:

Thank You Ireland

Bit, can we coax Patrick into the community? He has so much to offer, and, I believe, we in turn to him.

I will see what I can do, mo chara...

I want to recommend The Burren Perfumery in Carron, County Clare -- which, as the name would indicate, sits smack dab in the middle of The Burren.  I know I'm opening myself up to much ribbing here as a man raving about the products at a "perfumery," but I'm unfazed by that -- I'm a proud "metrosexual." :-)

The Burren Perfumery is far more than perfumes.  In fact, perfumes (and colognes) are but a tiny fraction of what's on offer. Their use of natural plants and extracts from The Burren's world-famous variety of flora is what sets them apart.  Most of their products are largely (if not completely) organic in their makeup, and everything is made by hand at their small facility in The Burren.

** A little insider's tip for you: They make a small jar of leave-in hair conditioner which also serves as a light-hold styling product.  I've tried dozens of different hair styling products from all over the world, and this stuff is head & shoulders above anything I've ever encountered.  A tiny bit goes a long way, and it leaves your hair with a healthy natural luster which could only be achieved by the use of these natural ingredients.  But it's not listed on the website, so you have to email them and let them know you want a jar or two, which I highly recommend doing. **

If you're in County Clare, I highly recommend a visit to the perfumery for a tour and to try out the products in-person.  If you cannot make it there in person, you can order their great products and they'll ship them to you just about anywhere in the world.  Be sure to check out their website and their Facebook page, both of which I've listed below.

Oh, and be sure to mention you heard about them on!

The Burren Perfumery on Facebook

Sounds good, Ryan. And all's anyone has to do is look at your beautifully coifed hair to see how well The Perfumery's conditioner is working. What do they have for those of us who are, mmmm, follicularly challenged? ;-)


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