I have devine Rights to multitudes of thrones like Merovingian by Charlemagne, Dalcassian dynasty by Cormac.Cas , Stuart dynasty, British dynasty, Judah Throne of the tribe of Lions. My coat of arms denotes peace and sincerity and martyrs coulor and magnanimity, fortitude of military, watchful and vigilant in war. My surname in Hebrew means Acacia. Acacia was used to make the holy tabernacle and the ark of the Covenant. I'm not jesus or the Antichrist I am the many generational descendant from the tribe of lions. It says he will come like a lion. Common sense would tell that the lion is from the Dalcassians dynasty but not as the main dalcassian king but as a royal family that carries the royal seed. Oh fierce race of lions is what they classified as dalcassians they even reached high king status. Queen Elizabeth said she has the longest reigning in history which is false because the milesian dynasty reigned for 2885 yrs under 183 monarchs that's almost three millennials and it worked. When England invaded they had guns, Ireland had swords, axes, shields. What England did was not honorable it was a cowardly way of war they can't battle sword to sword.. and that was not right for brexit not to leave military defense so Ireland can defend themselves off other invaders. How can United Kingdoms be United when the kings were demoted to lords or barons when it's being dominated by a Dictatorship that's not United kingdoms. A United kingdoms is when kings from kingdom are allies that's United Kingdom's. No one has the gulls to confront Elizabeth but I will because she has neglected the throne of judah by not intervening in human affairs. The responsibilities of the throne of judah is to intervene in worldly human affairs and environmental the earth had been genetically manipulated and she has not done anything to stop it. She is not for the people she is for Dictatorship the reason I'm attacking the queen because she stated that she is a descendant of Heremon but she's not a pedigree if she was she would be R-L226 but her dna is R1B-U1 she should of never let her dna be known but is that is one of her default and her son running away from the throne because he knows hes not rightful heir to the throne of Judah. I'm sure hes aware of the curse. It is a curse the last man to sit on that throne is Zedekiah's until I sit on the throne as rightful heir and I will forefil the final Covenant. Then God will reign on his throne forever. And I will become the rider on the pale horse DEATH. just as it was written I am a live and I am he. Common sense I'm the only one today that's challenging the enemy of God. And that's the one that put their monarchy above Gods Monarchy Absolute Monarchy, I demand Reinstate Absolute Monarchy. then humans that dont lack humanity can live in peace

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