How has the bust of the Irish economy has affected you and family, friends and colleagues? As well, can you identify threats that have developed from lack of government resources and focus to conservation and promotion of Irish history and heritage itself?

You might want to read John Bruton's review of the newly published hardcover "The Fall of the Celtic Tiger" for additional background.

Image left from the United States Library of Congress' Prints and Photographs Division (original copyright 1895 by The Strobridge Lithograph Co., Cincinnati Ohio.

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The most vivid and visceral impact I've seen as a New Yorker is the virtual disappearance of the Irish tourists who during the boom would fly into the city for a weekend-long shopping trip.

the retail therapy has indeed declined. We went because we were being (and still are!)massively ripped off on clothes and electrical goods.

Its maybe sad that America opened its doors to property developers like Sean Dunne who got out as fast as he could when things went sour leaving milions of euro in unpaid debts. I believe some of the infamous Anglo Irish bankers are enjoying life in the states. 

The fact that some folks were doing that just shows how out-of-hand things may have gotten.  If it inflates THAT much, there's only one place for it to go.

You may laugh, but there are those who say that the madness of the celtic Tiger was halted by the ancient ones angry at the destruction of our ancient Irish heritage. Was there ever a period in our history when so much was destroyed? The demise of the tiger coincided with the opening of the Motorway at Tara.  As happy as I am with the new motorway to my beloved Galway how many ringforts were destroyed in the process?

Would you store  a lawnmower in a three thousand year old burial site?

Good point, Rónán ... and I agree.  

it has shaped my art work....I am focusing on a conversation about value and worth.....its a great journey...@Tir na nog (a portal experience) on facebook


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