Our colleague Linda Evangelista mentioned in a post a year ago the crew of a Nazi U-boat singing "It's a Long Way to Tipperary" in a raucous, memorable moment in the German film "Das Boot" (1981). I'm midway through the film now, watching it for the first time. At the captain's mess, discussion encompassed remarks by one officious Nazi officer at the table, and, to lighten the mood, the captain asked the radio man specifically to queue up "the Tipperary song." Interesting, as you can see in this clip, the crew sang it heartily and in good inflected English. The takeaway for me: The song made an indelible impact on even the Germans of the post WW1 generation, whose fathers fought and died fighting the British (and many Irish, as well). An extraordinary moment in an extraordinary film. 

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Was this not a remake of a previous film of a similar theme about a quarter of a century ago? I believe it starred Curt Jurgens, a black and white flick at that time.



It was " The Enemy Below ". Robert Mitchum also stared in the film. 

I got around to watching "The Enemy Below" and found it a stirring film. The emotional landscape was authentic but I found the film's setup far-fetched. A lone destroyer taking on a Nazi sub seemed unlikely as, as far as I know, destroyers worked with other ships of the line in pursuing u-boats.

Not sure, Patrick. Look up its history on either Wikipedia or IMDB.com. Let me know.


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