Italia, Italy and Century 20/21 in Newark, NJ. (Lulu Books 2019)

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Newark, Italy + me / Daniel P. Quinn. -- Nascent Newark --

The dawn of Newark's Little Italy (1885-2018) -- Presidential history in Newark -- Gustav Bourglan's Newark as prototype for Mount Rushmore -- Arshile Gorky's commission at Newark Airport -- The Morris Canal became Raymond Boulevard -- Quintet for Newark [poem] -- A Newark reflection (1967-2017) -- Alexander, Paterson, and Lyons, France [poem] -- Let's meet Paterson's sister, Lyons, France -- Cuinn banned by Victoria [poem] -- Pabst beer and Hoffman soda -- Metropolitan Opera star Maria Jeritza (1888-1982) was music history in Newark -- Symphony Hall was originally named the Mosque Theatre -- Newark in the age of Trump on Trump listening to Beethoven in Europe -- Louis Bamberger and my family history (1927 to 2003) -- Newark as insurance mecca (1845-2018) -- Broadway "Grand Guignol" featuring Vincent Price & Edgar Allan Poe -- Mies van der Rohe's presence endures (1962-2018) in Century 21 -- Newark coming back (2000-18).

Daniel P Quinn as presenter at William Carlos Williams Center.

Newark, Italy + Me By Daniel P Quinn

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Newark has many histories including G. Antonio Basso who emigrated from Italy to Newark, NJ about 1900. Antonio was my Grandfather who came to America at age 14. Newark has many artistic roots including Armenia, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, France which are featured in Newark, Italy + Me. Immigration is a ongoing event. The past is indeed prologue to our present and future. Welcome to my Newark, Nevarca and the new old sod in NJ.

Ratings & Reviews | Below by V. Hammer.

NEWARK, ITALY & ME (Lulu Books) reprinted by V. Hammer. (2020).

"Daniel P Quinn has captured a bygone era with such detailed, loving, bittersweet accuracy. Such family memories - and they are rich indeed, considering he hails from two such vibrant, singularly civilized cultures ... Irish- and Italian-American; no fooling around!

Newark comes alive in his poignant, celebrating words ... as does the glory that was Paterson, NJ, birthplace of American industry ... --

Hey, it/they - still is/are, both these wonderful, bustling, BUSY New Jersey cities! eh, all? in their 20th century heydays ... Phoenixes now rising from the strong, struggling and WONDERFULLY PERSEVERING "ashes "?

- Nope; the people of Newark since the "White Flight," post-WWII, are every bit as validly vibrant as those who came before, let's face it, eh? --

It's just a rapidly e'er changing mixture of eras we are so challenged to be negotiating, we Americans and we globally over-populated, fascinating yet always goofy-enough humans ...

Bravo to all who appreciate the seemingly boundless energy, spirit and enterprise that is Newark.

Thank you, Mr. Quinn, for bringing the pre-21st century Newark once again to such sweet, happy life ... a rewarding, compelling, intensely-personally-felt trip down Memory Lane, indeed".

V. Hammer, Artistic Director, Midlantic Theatre Company.

My Mies van der Rohe building (1962) was "Modernism" in Newark. From 1960-62, this entire Italian neighborhood was demolished as urban removal process.

St. Lucy's Church and annex survived since 1925, but not much else.

Newark, Italy and me is now Ecuadorian, Salvadorian, Cuban, Haitian, Puerto Rican mixed immigrant neighborhood with a presence in Newark in Century 21.

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