I am a pedigree to Heremon I'm a casey hopologroup R-L226 the dna code for the royal hebrew I have a go fund me called Reinstate Absolute Monarchy I have proof and evidence that The royal family has R1b-U1 not R-L226 she claims to be descendant of Heremon but she is not . Not by dna code she's not my dna code is of Heremon and Tamara Tephi. I'm the only one in these days going beyond the pale david said no man shall sittith on the throne until the rightful heir. Ask yourself this why is the princes and her husband princes abandoning the throne the answer is easy their not rightful heir. Common Wealth and Constitutional is unauthorized by God. But Absolute Monarchy is authorized by God. how could common Wealth abolished a monarchy which is Absolute Monarchy which is above all earthly Authority it can not be abolished common Wealth and Constitutional has put their kingdom above Gods Kingdom Absolute Monarchy. I dont know anything about social media or how to make things go viral. They don't educate this knowledge I learned this by my dna I was awoke to this while everyone else is living in modern society thinking that the government will get away with their chaotic rulings creating laws that benefits them not the people or poverty. Conspiracy theories were becoming facts later on at first it was just a conspiracy but a lot has came into the light..people are learning not to trust their governments. Left and right are part of the same body just different agendas which is chaotic that king Solomon started when he married Scota's sister Sheba and cemented political alliances in Egypt then went global. Common Wealth created Constitutional and political alliances. If she is a fraud wouldnt that annulify all her royalties and laws and her sole foundation. I promise you that her Hopologroup is R1b-U1. I guarantee that R-L226 is the rightful heir. My Surname says it's the prolific branch of mankind and is genetically isolated from everyone else. And this chaotic world needs to be corrected and the earth needs definently healing all that gmo, chemtrails, weather manipulation , starwars military programs. Need to stop. People of the earth being racist towards the Europeans is nothing but American propaganda which spreaded throughput the world. I am irish American with 83% Irish. I do not consider myself white because theres no such thing just like black people there no such thing everything is about migration, migration. Irish is irish, Scottish is Scottish, German is German and so on. Their cultures not a color, black people are either creole or African American and so on. Name one European that starts with white and name one African tribe that starts with black I'm not racist I grew up with African American, black nation of Islam, I know Farrakhan's nieces and nephews. We are one race the human race. But a lot of people dont want to co-exist that's sad because the good people the caring people the compassionate people cant live in peace with them destructively ruining other people livelihood. They think the world owes them for their ancestors past. What about the mass atrocities that happened to Ireland to the others they claim that Ireland is white people which is hog wash because Mileus which was a milesian and Scota was Egyptian their surviving sons were half milesian and Egyptian then Heremon married a Hebrew princess now that's milesian, Egyptian, Hebrew that's not caucasian they say Mileus is the father of the irish race. My surname has a Latin motto per varios casus.. theres been mass ethnic genocidal agendas one of them was diversity by allowing refugees to come to European parental countries and invasions of genocidal behaviors and if anyone says anything their racist that's b.s. all lives matter to them their lives only matter no one else lives matter. Every single human animal living organism all matter Gia most definitely matters more than humans if she dies we all die. Human extinction. The rich is killing this planet and think they own us. I am a descendant of david and of Mileus, magog, Japhet, Noah down to seth, and adam, the living God. I was born in these times to be the lion. I am a dalcassian out of 6 septs only one is dalcassian I'm that dalcassian. Desi-muman Absolute Monarchy has a Covenant with God and so much blood shed to eliminate my bloodline they destroyed many haystacks trying to eliminate the needle but the needle survived and got lost within other haystacks especially it was in American haystacks it took scientist to discover the dna code but still couldn't locate the needle so they decided let the people do it for them like civil war in 2021. They fear my bloodline and will do anything to eliminate their own destruction they want to rule as rich people and their not kingship or royal kingship. The world thinks their in debt how could they be the money never existed because it wasn't backed by any time of minerals.

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