A Che Guevara mural has been painted over in Kilkee, County Clare by a local authority just weeks ahead of a local Latin-American cultural festival in that town to celebrate links with Guevara.  The mural was removed after "upsetting" US tourists.  What do you think ... right or wrong?

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Oh No! I hope that's not right! Irish is the sweetest language in the world! We don't want to have more gutter rap from anywhere.

Interesting that you won't share your own view. You're not a politician, by any chance? In fact you will hear more Polish and Czech accents than American; an Irish local council should consider Irish people first. Seems simple to me. 

I believe that Jim Fitzpatrick has the right as an artist to express himself in any way he sees fit so on that one I believe that the council was wrong.  I don't think the pope should be expected to remove the mural in the Sistine chapel every time a Muslim looks up either

We are all in Europe Fred. These Poles and Czechs of whom you speak work hard and pay tax to Ireland.Maybe Galway should be kept for Galwegians alone, which would exclude yourself.

But this is essentially a work of art -- there is certainly no consensus on Che's legacy. Many admire it, many detest it. We're not talking about a Hitlerite figure here, that much is clear. Those who made this decision have caved to the pressure tactics of a few, and have proven to be no friends of free speech!

in the PC times we live in we are always afraid of offending someone.

Some people wanted to remove the statue of Sean Russell from Fairview Park because he worked with the Nazis and his critics beheaded the sculpture. Sinn Féin remained quiet during the debate.

Your second paragraph says it all. Well done.

Interesting that they took the painting down, but will still hold the festival. Also, the circumstances around Che's stay in the town make the rationale for the festival seem pretty flimsy. Ah, the impeccable logic of Chambers of Commerce.

they are still milking 'The Quiet Man' and 'discovering' Irish roots for every US president so why not Che?

My first paragraph referred to Belinda's second paragraph six hours ago - "That said I would hope that we as human beings....."

I find it hard to edit comments I've made on a Mac.

Interesting: http://listverse.com/2009/05/24/top-10-things-you-didnt-know-about-...

When he was born, his father said “the first thing to note is that in my son’s veins flowed the blood of the Irish rebels.”

I see its the Jim Fitzpatrick image they had on display.

I think that people become offended far too easily these days. Don't like looking at it? Don't look!!

There is a mural of Che in Maynooth or at least there was in 2006 when we were there. Far from being offended by it, we found it a fantastic photo opportunity for one of our members.



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