A Che Guevara mural has been painted over in Kilkee, County Clare by a local authority just weeks ahead of a local Latin-American cultural festival in that town to celebrate links with Guevara.  The mural was removed after "upsetting" US tourists.  What do you think ... right or wrong?

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Right or wrong, it would be hard to say.  We could debate that 'til the cows come home.  However, if it weren't for tourism -- and American tourists in particular -- where would Ireland be?  I think it's a smart move.

It would be hard to argue with that logic Mr. O'Rourke!

No arguing the fact that Che was a radical which came about I would think as a response to the social conditions he witnessed as a young man in South America.  We have Irish patriots in our history who have shed other men’s blood in the name of a ‘Better Ireland’ and I would imagine throughout history we've had more than a handful of British visitors to our Isle who were upset by our icons.

  That said I would hope that we as human beings should strive to channel our disdain of fellow man into striving for solutions to the ills of society that engender radicalization. 

I think it was wrong to remove it.  Ireland is Ireland, not America.  And I say this even though I'm an American citizen.

You make a valid point, Jane, but I think most people here in Ireland who look at it objectively know where their "bread is buttered," so to speak.  That's why I said it's the smart move.

A government entity that chooses to control freedom of expression is edging on Marxism in its ideology which seems somewhat of an irony.

When the Irish middle class make an issue based on "bread and butter" it's guaranteed to be the wrong one.

I would say wrong. We need to cherish all those of Irish heritage, whatever their political beliefs.

Although American tourists are important to the economy we do not have to do everything to suit them.I hate Irish pubs and restaurants which have sign for the 'restroom' instead of the toilets. I don't think the NY shopping centres have signs in Irish to accommodate Irish retail therapy tourists.  

Che should not be honoured with a  statue in Galway because  he was a commie yet a statue of a communist, Liam Mellows, adorns the main square.

Absolutely sickening. It's bad enough that the Irish government has grovellingly permitted the US to use Shannon, Co. Clare, as a military base through which daily murder and terror can be exported. I attended the Che festival in Kilkee and found it fascinating; now we grovel again because some tourists from the Land of the Freegot annoyed at a small mural of Che Guevara? We should stop trying to become a new US state, we are Irish and what we do or don't do is our own damn business. Ryan O'Rourke's remark about where would Ireland be if it weren't for American tourists sums up the peasant mentality still extant in rural Ireland. This was reported in the Irish media, though feebly denied by the US Treasury Dept: "The deal was torpedoed from an unexpected direction. At a conference call with the G7 finance ministers, the haircut was vetoed by US treasury secretary Timothy Geithner who, as his payment of $13 billion from government-owned AIG to Goldman Sachs showed, believes that bankers take priority over taxpayers. The only one to speak up for the Irish was UK chancellor George Osborne, but Geithner, as always, got his way." This was a proposed deal to reduce Irish debt. What wereyou saying, Ryan? Kilkee has shamed itself, putting a few American tourists' objections in the way of its own pride and history. Galway city shamed itself similarly over a proposed Che artwork. My aunt - who lived
through the Irish civil war - had a saying for objectionable visitors: "Here's your hat and where's your hurry!"
Someone should have said that at Kilkee.

Some fair points, Fred, but like it or not, Ireland is nothing without tourism.  And tourism is nothing without American tourists.  I walk down the busy streets of Galway City many times and hear more American accents than Irish accents.  

Now, please notice I didn't weigh in on whether this decision is right or wrong.  I do have my own opinion on that (which I will not share).  You've shared yours here.  But if someone can prove to me that taking a local Council taking American tourists into consideration isn't wise from an economic standpoint (which is seemingly just about all anyone cares about anymore), then I'll be glad to listen.  Irish people -- of all economic classes -- would be in a far different place today if it weren't for tourism.  Much of Ireland would still be essentially a third world country if it weren't for the injection of funds brought in by tourists.

My only point is that this was a smart decision by that local council for that reason.

you hear more American accents than Irish ones cos thats how a lot of Irish teenagers speak :)


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