Bratacha - A Genealogy/History E-zine is Launched

Has anyone yet seen this online offering? I find it has some great articles. However, I am not convinced that e-zines are the way to go. There is something about holding a magazine in hand that appeals to me more...

E-magazine, Bratacha 2013 -  Articles on genealogy, history, maritime history, heraldry, vexillology and a comprehensive event guide.

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Bit, I'm unclear if this is an online magazine or an event program, a one-off publication designed to promote Bratacha, a three-day festival in Dun Laoghaire. Thanks for bringing this event, in particular, to our attention, BTW.

It is meant to be a full on ezine, at least that was what we are being told over at Ireland reaching out, mo chara...I was interested in that as well... As the issue seems to be heavy on Dun Laoghaire,.. and feels like a travel/tourism brochure,,,

Peter Fry indicates that it will be a quarterly released issue...I suppose we shall have to see...

Gerry, mo chara, just received a reply back from Peter Fry:

Hi Catherine (I hit the button last time and then realised I had typed Lilbit - sorry!) , the e-zine is a one-off issue however if there was a demand and sponsorhip we can provide a lot more content, we had to stop at I think 40 pages!

The parade is going to be very exciting I am doing videos in 10 different languages so (say) if you have a Brazilian friend living or working in Ireland, I'll be asking you to send a youtube video his or her way asking them to come and take part in the parade. I'll have the videos soon >


Apparrently, it is a one-of ... pity, as it has a potential to be so much more


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