I awoke this morning to read the sad news of yet another fine Pub closing its doors:

The Thatch Rahan Tullamore

 Hi Folks
We would like to announce that we plan to close The Thatch Rahan on Sunday 7th of April coming, it has been the hardest decision we have ever had to make in the business in the last 9 years of trading.

Over the past 9 years we have entertained and have been entertained by some great characters, musicians, comedians and have had the pleasure of many customers pass through our doors, sadly this recession has taken its toll on this particular part of our business, and we feel its best if we step down and move to one side.

We plan to go out on a high with a party atmosphere on Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th of April, Best Foot Forward have kindly agreed to regroup for one last show, on Sun 7th from 4pm - 7pm, we had the pleasure of them opening The Thatch for us so we taught it would be very fitting of them to also see us out.

Special word of thanks to the nationwide support received over the last six years for the Up Close and Personal Sessions held at The Thatch and to all of the artists who performed some truly intimate and entertaining shows, the last of which was Mick Flannery last night, what a way to finish up.......


Sad to see yet another go to dust because of the recession. . . .

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Truly sad, Bit. But just confirms for me how important The Wild Geese's mission is, in good measure, to help preserve the epic heritage of the Irish worldwide. We don't have dollops of time. The world is changing as I type. 

Had you been there?

I have been there for many a seissun... It was a warm and friendly spot to grab a dram and bowl of stew.. I was looking forward to taking my momma and Daddy there next June...sadly that will not happen now

What are the economics of profitably running a pub such as that? And why the downturn in its fortunes? I remember when in Dublin in 1974 visiting a pub and sitting at the bar with two or three guys all on the dole. Though they didn't have much discretionary cash, they were happy to spend it on a few pints, that much was clear.

I think that its location may have ultimately played a part. It was located in Tullamore and was, itself, a destination for many and an unknown for others. The price of a pint has become quite dear and I see more and mor Pubs shuttering their doors

As a normal tourist focuses on the "Saint Steve" promoted places, the Thatch was more of a draw for those in search of Traditional music. There also had to be a desire for wandering off the beaten path. Co Offaly isn't high on the bucket list for most. The midlands as a whole is largely overlooked. More the shame in that because tehre is so much that is being missed

Sad. Hadn’t been there in years. Wasn’t it operational since the 30’s?  I know my grandfather and uncles went there…my mother was not allowed near it, but it was a known reference in family lore. It was a Tullamore institution.  I think that the location was fabulous, and hopefully someone will “pick it up” before it falls down too far.


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