My Quinn Cousins (circa 1908 Joseph Quinn marrird Mary O'Neill.via the Bronx + Manhattan).

I recently learned that when Queen Victoria, banned the Irish language, names and all the rest that my original Irish surname was Cuinn.  Cleverly,  (her H-ness) changed the spelling to (Q)uinn in honor of herself, I guess.     After my grandfather Joseph Quinn died at 51. My father was 10 years old.  There might have been issues after he died, as my Family lost touch with all the Quinn's moving forward.

Part of this history is detailed in my book: "organized labor" (click to buy on Amazon). Of special note my Grarndmother's Father Bernard O'Neill owned the Landmark Tavern.  It is stillan icon on 46th St and 11th Av, that still functions as a Landmark Tavern and bar.  In my "organized labor" book, he appears in a 1890's photo as Manager there just before he died at age 41.

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Daniel, consider creating a Quinns Group on TheWildGeese.Irish to facilitate keeping in touch with developments in both your own work and the Quinn family history.

I imagine there are quite a few Quinns within this community. You can check simply by periodically running a search. Consider friending those you find. (appears to be 14 right now)

Trying to find any Quinn relatives in Clare or Armagh, I believe.

My grandfather John Quinn came from Ireland to the Bronx around 1900 worked for the phone company in NYC, met and married my grandmother Mary Anne O'Neill (Quinn). John Quinn died at age 51 about 1923 of a bleeding ulcer. My grandmother was a widow @ age 41 with 2 children. Her Father managed The Landmark Tavern (see my book: 'organized labor" for the full narrative history.

But the Quinn and O'Neill families did not keep in touch. So,I have yet to meet any Quinn relatives from my Father's side of the Family.


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