You may remember this magnificent video telling the story of Irish history in six minutes we shared a while ago from Wild Geese member, John D. Ruddy.  If you haven't yet seen it, take the six minutes to do so now ... you won't be sorry.

We're asking The Wild Geese to compile their own super-condensed version of Irish history ... even shorter than the video above.  Take a few minutes to sum up the history of Ireland in a comment below in just 100 words or less.  It will be fun to read through what our members view as the most key events in Irish history.


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I'll give this a go to get us kicked off ...

God created.  Fir bolg.  De Dannan.  Celts arrive.  Paganism reigns.  Patrick arrives.  Christianity.  Vikings assault.  Boru conquers.  MacMurrough betrays.  Normans invade.  Native Gaels resist.  Normans assimilate.  Nine Years War.  Tudors conquer.  Flight of the Earls.  Protestant plantations.  Penal Laws.  Wexford Rebellion.  O'Connell inspires.  Great hunger.  Mass emigration.  Land reform.  GAA established.  Irish language bolstered.  Easter rising.  Civil war.  Independence.  De Valera shapes.  O'Riada makes music.  Troubles.  Good Friday Agreement.  Celtic Tiger.   Treaty of Lisbon. is born.  :-)

(that's 77 words by my count)


Quite a good, and brief, recounting, Ryan.

Quite good and brief!

Although Manny Man's 6 minute video takes a lot of beating, I found your attempt really helpful in understanding the incredibly complicated history of Ireland, Ryan. Bravo!

 My historical account the Irishman who became the grandfather of rock 'n' roll and the Blues never saw the light of day. I even received a couple of thousand pounds Millennium grant but never quite achieved a public performance of my musical play, Prodigal Son. If I come into some spare cash, I may have another go.
A couple of it songs, Hard Grind and Waiting For A Train can be heard on The Prisoners' Songbook on Spotify, Amazon and iTunes.
 I will attach an early scene. It was set in the 60s at the end of a pier theatre.
 Ah well.

Ed O'Toole



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