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  • Joan Austin

    Hello Terry,

    I have not been on this site for sometime and was delighted to get your note via email today.

    Your cousin, Des, and I have been great telephone friends and I hope to meet up with him while I'm in Ireland this coming June.  In fact, I am friends with cousins Sibohan Cassidy and Pauline Mooreland on Facebook.  Oh how social media has made our world so much smaller!

    Des has been very dedicated to the memory of my great aunt Winnie.  He worked closely with Helga Woggon and provided many of the photographs she used in Woggon's book Silent radical - Winifred Carney, 1887-1943 : a reconstruction of her biography.  

    Here is a recent photo of him with his photograph of Winnie:

  • Joan Austin

    I didn't know how to post more after Desmond's photo so I will continue here (this site has always confused me).

    Anyway, it's a sincere pleasure to meet you and know I have found yet another relative!  If you will send me your email address I will send you any information I may have about Winnie.  We are fortunate so much has surfaced due to the Centenary of the Rising and I discover more in my files every day.  I'm not sure Winnie or any of the other women were recognized during the 50 year anniversary.

    Thank you for your very kind note.



    P.S.  Here is a photo of Desmond and Pauline at a dinner.  Desmond had no clue he was to be presented with his own medal!  I cannot think of anyone more deserving and hope you share my pride.

  • Joan Austin

    One of my favorite photos of Winnie shown leaning against the a lamp post. Her body language captures her quiet, mysterious persona.  She was a powerful woman who did not seek the spotlight.