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    Nollaig 2016

    Great Photos Bit.  We at Wild Geese love it when you share.  I see one of a Rag Tree.  When was your trip?  Belinda :)

  • Gerry Regan

    Bit, how did you come to discover your passion for Ireland?

  • Founding Member

    Maryann Tracy


    Would love to do a quick q & a with you in the chatroom. Tell me when  you are available.

    Maryann Tracy

  • Mari Dickson

    Ocooch Mountain Acres LLC, near Westby, WI.

    There you go.....!!!  :) 

    That would be the name of his farm (aka ranch in AZ), in Westby. No wonder I had never heard of this "mountain range". LOL

    Mari :)

  • Rose Maurer

    Hi Bit

    I would be delighted to accept your friend request. Please guide me wrt how it works - similar to Face Book? 

    Warmest regards

    Rose Maurer

  • Sean Quinn Hood

    Hello Bit

    My name is Sean Hood I am the Historian for Div 17 Long Beach NY.

  • Kent Williams

    Hi Bit - The picture you are using, is it your parents? grandparents? It's wonderful!

  • Gaeilgeoir

    Bernie Joyce

    Go raibh maith agat a Bhit.

  • John M. Strathern

    Bit, sorry it took me so long to respond. A variety of things occupied my life in the last several months. Will start following Wild Geese more closely.

  • annette counihan

    come to lisdoonvarna sept 16  one week of great craic..dancing....inhaling the fresh air and maybe fall in LOVE ..if you have a LOVE spend the week loving eachother...:)

  • Dr.RobertTerranceMullaneIII

    Thanks, I hope to be there or be square. I Love Ireland. My family is from Cork. Soon, I will spend my life there forever and for ever, amen! Robert says Peace & Love To You

  • Dr.RobertTerranceMullaneIII

    Hello Bit, sir! Thanks for befriending me. I want to emigrate from this corrupted country and move to the country whence my family once came. Cork is my new home. I will be there asap or sooner... as soon as my new book gets finalized into contract. Thanks again. I look forward to seeing you in real life.


  • Tony Lawless

    Thanks for the welcome Bit.  Don't know too much about history but I might provide some thoughts on music if that suits.  Looks like a great community here.  Glad to be a part of it.  Tony

  • Patricia A. McAuliffe

    Go raibh mile maith agat, a Bit! If you're a writer, too, I'd like to know about what you're creating! Pat McA

  • Patricia A. McAuliffe

    Wow, Bit, that's quite a compilation of creativity! It wasn't until I retired from my job a few years ago that I've settled into writing seriously. My first novel, Out of the Mist is ready for shopping around. The second (#2 in the series), Alice of the Angels, is through second draft and needing a thorough polish and tweaking. My novel which will use a renovated Madeleine Laundry for the setting is mostly in my head and in note form after all the research. I've wanted to write a story with a ghost character and if the M. laundries aren't haunted, I don't know what is! I'm interested in hearing your point of view on the laundries or what you know about it being a loaded topic.I write fiction and don't want to be considered as opinionated or judgmental (at least in the book).

  • Media Partner

    Irish Cultural Society of GC


    Sorry for the delay in friending you.  Although your email came to me, it was intended for the Irish Cultural Society.  It seems I am both myself and the ICS.  I hope I can adjust to a Jekyll and Hyde existence.  Stay well.

    John Walsh


  • Noreen Maher

    Thanks Bit for adding me! I've been on your email newsletter list and following you on facebook, for some time now. My main interest is genealogy and Irish history. I got so hooked on it that I studied to become a professional genealogist! I'm based in Dublin. I saw your post about 'brick walls'. If I can help any of your followers I'd be happy to. I have loads of free advice and tips on my website or on my facebook page: I'd be happy to answer anyone's questions also.

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    John M. Walsh

    Bit, You are  certainly more computer savvy than I am.  We are friends twice over, thanks to you.  I wanted to "friend" you but couldn't figure out how to do it.

    Stay well,  John Walsh


  • John E Feeney

    Thanks, Bit!

    My story starts back in the 90's when I became curious about my heritage which I knew nothing about.  I read a book on Irish history and was stunned to find that it spanned more than 2,000 years!!  

    I decided if I want to really learn about the culture I would have to learn the language which I have.  I founded my language school The Irish Gaelic Circle of Connecticut and currently teach Beginner's through Intermediate classes for the past 15 years. Some classes are held at the Greater Danbury Irish Cultural Center and others are on Skype.  

    My contact info is and Facebook. 

    I am looking forward to working with the Wild Geese.


  • Timothy McQuaid

    Thank You. My McQuaid's came to Monson Massachusetts from Tummery, Dromore Tyrone in 1880. They survived the famine, but not the Land Wars. My other Tyrone lines are Barrett, McCourt and Gallagher. My Great Grandfather married in the US, to a Moriarty from Blennerville, Annagh, Kerry. My other Kerry lines are Griffin, Crowley and Craiggue (Craig). My Grandfather married a Lynch. They arrived in England before the 1851 census and came to Massachusetts in the 1870's. My GGrandfather Lynch married a Flynn. They went to Scotland before 1851 and came to Massachusetts in the late 1880's. I don't know where the Lynch's & Flynn's come from in Ireland. I also have Malone, Collins and O'Day lines that show up as maiden names on GG... Grandmother's death records. I have a Family history Blog; I went to Ireland last year for two week. The tea was on and five car loads of cousins came to meet us at the Homestead, in the picture. 

  • Matt Purcell

    FAO: Bit Devine

    Hi Bit,
    Thanks for your comment re my Blog.  Heretofore I only glanced at the piece but following your comment I read the whole of it again and had a listen to Chris Rea's song.  Guess what?  I enjoyed both and thanks again.
    Matt (Purcell)
  • Jay Ben Images

    Hi Bit,

    Mike Quane is a friend of mine, and suggested that I sign up to be a New Wild Goose! Mike was one of the first people to be aware of my new book, Ireland in Word and Image. It's a 300 page coffee table book of my photos from the month that I spent shooting in Ireland this year and last. The photos are paired with Irish literature excerpts appropriate for each image.

    I'm a photographer for Getty Images and was asked to do this book by the publishers of Welcome Books, the art book house of Random House. I've got some other professional interests in journalism and medicine. I'm delighted to be here among some people to remind me of the wonderful friends that I made in Ireland.

  • Friends Of Irish Freedom Inc.

    thank you.  good to connect.

  • Frank Scott

    Thanks Bit, the midlands has been left out of so much over the years ..

  • Admin

    Fran Reddy

    Bit, do you know Aurora and/or Newmarket? I was raised in Aurora and married and lived in Newmarket for 24 years : ) And I know Richmond Hill well.

  • Heritage Partner

    Against The Wind

    G'day Bit Devine,

    Delighted to accept you as a friend. Sent this as well as clicking yes on your request just in case. Am enjoying your lively comments on WG site.

    Cheers, James (Against The Wind).

  • Eddie Stack

    Thanks for the friend request, Bit!
  • 1916 Centenary 2016


  • Geraldine Callaghan

    Failte, Bit, glad to be your WG friend. I think you live in Tucson, AZ. I love that beautiful state. My late husband and I owned a home there at one time, we never lived in it we were thinking of retiring there. Once the grandchildren started arriving I wanted no part of it. Too far from NJ and NY. I have great memories of that state and I think we travelled from the north to the south many times. Perhaps one day I will go back again for a visit. Love your input to the WG stories and comments.
  • Robert P. Keough


    Thank you for befriending me. I'm working on my Keough/Keogh story and will share it as I find it.

    Robert Keough, Long Lake, NY (That's the Adirondacks)

  • Tom [Thomas]

    Bit Devine

  • Virginia Scallion Rupy

    Did that. Thanks
  • Cindy Butler

    Hi, nice to 'meet' you...Bit...I'm too curious about your name NOT to ask!  Nickname, short for something else?  Thanks!  Cindy

  • Cindy Butler

    Bit, what a darling childhood story!  Thank you for sharing it with me - that was so sweet!

  • Jeanne D'Brant

    Thanks for the welcome.  Much of my writing currently is in the sciences.  I am particularly interested in the genetics of early Irish races. Hope to bring more information out to the modern Irish on this.

  • Jeanne D'Brant

    Looks like I'm rotated!!

  • Colin Farrell

    Thanks Bit!

  • philip kelly

    thank you bit for your comments i have just put up a profile picture  

    philip kelly

  • Jack Carey

    Hi Bid,

    By your picture, I am assuming that you are a photographer.  Please send me

    any of your works by email.  Thanks,


  • geraldine boyle

    Hello Bit. Have been researching my Irish family with a very English name,  I have a grandfather George (1761) when he is witness at 2 weddings in Dunsany, Co.Meath but lost him after that. George and William run through the family until the present time. Have loads of info. about them all but this George is so elusive. Maybe he does not want to be found! Sorry, the English name is Webb.

  • Maureen O'Keefe

    HI NICE TO HEAR FROM YOU!I I live in Argentina and work in Dublin in July, travel with my stdents to our partner school CES in Dublin. I reun the O'Keefe school of English in La Plata  and love my Irish roots

    My dad was  born to Carlos Eduardo O'Keefe son of Daniel O'Keefe and Margaret Fitzgerald and grandchild of Dennis O'Keefe ( born in Ireland ) married to mary Prindable . They came to Argentina in 1886.

    My father married Maria teresa Bird Dolan,

    my mum's mum was Sofia Teresa Dolan Murray, her grandfather was William Dolan Brown ( born in 1847 in co. Longford married to Elena Murray  They arrived in Argentina in 1865

    one of my mum's once removed cousins, Passionist Reverend Louis Dolan Kehoe  ( NEW YORK) 11.3.1921- 15-10-2000 son of Juan Jose Dolan Murray, visited Ireland many times and left a letter telling us he met in MOATE CO Westmeath Pat and Betty Dolan, who lived in meyvoughly. Moate westmeath  Pat's grand father was >LUIs's grandfather's brother .

    I ve never met any relative of mine when in Ireland though I've been travelling to the island since 1994, and next year I would love to meet some meember of my ancient tribe!!!! hope you will be able to help me. Looking forward to hearing from you, Maureen O'Keefe

  • Sheila Mccarthy

    Thanks for the welcome .I am in my Daddy's arms on the left.

  • cheryl dale siegel

    Dear Mr. Devine, may I call you Bit?  Thank  you for the lovely welcome, what a delightful surprise.  Although I am presently living in Pinetop I am a Brooklyn, New York lady.  Miss the east especially the wonderful PEOPLE, THEY ARE THE GREATEST.  Goal to get back perhaps Rhode Island.  I wonder can I send a photo to the Astoria, Queens address and can someone just add it on your  site?.  Hate to admit not sure how to  e-mail from my camera. Your website is so interesting I haven't had a chance to look at it all but loved the Connemara Castles and each article interesting and of course being Irish CHARMING.  CAN THE IRISH BE ANYTHING ELSE.  BEST WISHES. CHERYL .

  • Sheila Mccarthy

    Hi thanks for the friend request.

  • Dr Laurence Cox

    Thanks Bit!

  • Anne Roberts

    Thank you, Bit

  • Trek Ireland

    Hi Bit! Good to see you here - I was asked to join WG by Gerry and am just now setting up my account. I did make it to the Aran Islands last summer for a 'research' trip :-) and hope to get out there again this Spring to film, do you recognise this place in the photo?

  • Trek Ireland

    Hi Bit! Good to see you here - I was asked to join WG by Gerry and am setting up my account. I made it to the Aran Islands last summer for a 'research' trip :-) and will get there again to film in Spring. Here's a photo of my last trip - do you know where it was taken? :-)

  • Deborah Cullen

    Thank you for the welcome :)

  • Francisco Javier Vazquez Rangel

    Thanks, Bit i´mhonored to accept your request