Patricia A. McAuliffe

San Diego, CA

United States

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  • Bit Devine

    Another writer joins the ranks! Ceade mile failte, Pádraigín!

  • Bit Devine

    Pádraigín, I have written one book of Western poetry, a compilation Chapbook of Poetry writtenn by myself and my late husband. I have also written a Children's book, Cactus Faeries, which was released in 2005 via Authorhouse.

    I have two Photography/Poetry manuscripts completed at present and am seeking out publishers. I have four Children's books manuscripts that I am also shopping around.

    I also write the CD reviews for this site and have written travel articles for local Irish publications

    Is the book project you are researching for now related to the laundries? That is quite the powder keg topic for some people.

    I saw that you are a Mallow gal. I love Mallow, wonderful small town, warm friendly people.

  • Bob Mulrooney

    Patricia, I posted  some information today on this comment wall, and hope you received it.