Joe Gannon


North Windham, CT

United States

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  • Gerry Regan

    Joe, glad you found your way here. And again, happy birthday!
  • Gerry Regan

    Birthday Balloons

  • Gaeilgeoir

    Jane Sherry Gardner

    Nice photos, Joe!

  • Ryan O'Rourke

    Joe, where in Ireland do your people come from?

  • The Wild Geese

    I have a McLaughlin line on my mother's side that we know was from Co. Cavan, but left way back in the 1830s. Gannon is a Mayo name, but we can only trace that side of the family back to a great-grandfather who was born in England, where they must of gone for work.

  • Ryan O'Rourke

    I ask because we have good friends in Connemara here who are Gannons.  There is a significant pocket of them in Leitir Móir, which is where our friends are from.

  • michael hogan

    Glad to be aboard, Joe. Here is the site for the Irish Soldiers of Mexico. We have over 3,000 visitors who share information about the San Patricios and the Irish Mexican connection. Lots of photos, historical conversations, videos and more. Hope you'll all pay us a visit.


  • Denise McDunn

    Thanks for friending, Joe :) 

  • Ivan Lennon

    Drop me a line Joe  or call 585 288 0636

    Thanks  for getting the word our re Burgery ambushes - Shades of GUESTS OF THE NATION  is it not?

    Ivan Lennon

  • Martin J O'Malley

    It appears that there is some controversy as to John Riley's burial site, possibly in Vera Cruz, Mexico.  However, the Mexican government donated a bronze statue to Major Riley of the Batalion San Patricios;  the statue is located in Clifden, County Galway.  I expect to be visiting Clifden in a few days and will check this out. Michael Higgins and Mary Robinson both visited Mexico City in the past few years, where Ireland has erected a sculptural monument to John Riley who is celebrated in Mexico. While in Galway two weeks ago, I inquired about Riley but no one seemed to know the history. Because of the Irish battalion, I have found statues of Saint Patrick in Mexican churches and basilicas, so at least in Mexico his legend lives on; and here in Ireland, it is recognized by officialdom.