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  • Mari Dickson

    Yes, yes, yes!!  Please forgive my "brain freeze".  :(

    As a dental hygienist, I did work one day a week for Dr. White whose office was on the main N/S street, in Mukwonago.  He may have been practicing there before you moved to Maryland. ??? (this is NOT a brain freeze)  :) 

    Mari :)

  • Mari Dickson

    Yes, I went to Marquette. I graduated, in 1959, from the 2-year dental hygiene program. Practiced for 44 years and retired in 2004. I am age 73....and also happy to be on this side of the sod.

    I live on the family farm I inherited after my widowed mother passed in 1993. Have 3 horses and 3 dogs; all rescues. I keep "lifting that barge and toting that bale", so as not to lose my strength needed to manage the animals.

    How about you? When were you at MU?  What did you study? 

    Mari :)

  • Mari Dickson

    Lost my bloodhound on August 2nd due to cancer. I needed a respite from social cyberspace. Sorry for such a long delay in replying. 

    No, I do not attend any of the Milwaukee Fests. I lead a rather reclusive life.

    Thank you for your condensed bio...  :)