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  • Martin J O'Malley

    It appears that there is some controversy as to John Riley's burial site, possibly in Vera Cruz, Mexico. However, the Mexican government donated a bronze statue to Major Riley of the Batalion San Patricios; the statue is located in Clifden, County Galway. I expect to be visiting Clifden in a few days and will check this out. Michael Higgins and Mary Robinson both visited Mexico City in the past few years, where Ireland has erected a sculptural monument to John Riley who is celebrated in Mexico. While in Galway two weeks ago, I inquired about Riley but no one seemed to know the history. Because of the Irish battalion, I have found statues of Saint Patrick in Mexican churches and basilicas, so at least in Mexico his legend lives on; and here in Ireland, it is recognized by officialdom.

  • Thomas Michael Quirk

    So much history in such a short period of time. Became interested as a boy listing to my Father and his brothers love. So proud of my Irish heritage. God Bless You Joe. Tommy.

  • John Anthony Brennan

    Hi Joe

    Is there a way to change the background color on my page?

    I find the stark white glare makes it hard to read.

    John A.