The Kwu-baal-a/Kwubaala has many names and spellings. Yet, it's if the utmost importance to be aware that it originated with the West African tribe known as the Igbo. It has been in there tribe for thousands of years prior to European invasions of Africa and Jerusalem. In fact, also know the Bantu languages of western and southern Africa were the first inhabitants of Jerusalem and rather than them migrating out of Africa, they migrated into Africa. The evidence is crystal clear when one thinks of the slave trades taking place both in West African tribes and East African tribes. Furthermore, why else would England/Ang-land/En-gael-nd settle throughout Africa as well as the other European royal countries such as the Dutch and French... A step further is knowing that Neter-lands was originally called Holland. However, Neter, has origins in in Kemet. This can be seen in the Medu Neter. The same is true with the Annunaki. An and Nu/Nun is the androgynous deity of creation in Kemet and in the dogon tribe of Mali.