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This Week in the History of the Irish: October 19 - October 25

From a contemporary portrait

Charles (Jennings) Kilmaine…


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How and Where to Win a Free Tour in Ireland!

We are delighted to be Heritage Partners with The Wild Geese!  We are just home in the USA after a few months providing small group tours in the Wild West of Ireland. We thought we would get the (Gaelic) ball rolling with our latest…


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'Come On Back, Boys! Give 'Em Hell, God Damn 'Em! We'll Make Coffee Out Of Cedar Creek Tonight!'

In a sense (of history), I have a personal recollection of General Phil Sheridan and his arrival at the battlefield at Cedar Creek  on October 19, 1864 when he rallied a beaten Union Army and launched…


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A Thatchie of My Own

At the end of next month, I will celebrate 18 years as an employee of the City of Tucson. I spent nine years on Patrol with the Police department and now work in clerical for the Fire Department.

I just spent time in the retirement office, looking at retirement payouts and end dates. I have Five years, two and a half months and 15 days.

I will retire at 56...and then it is off to Ireland six months out of the year...and a thatchie of my own, hopefully…


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Irish Autumn Glorious

Back from exceptional Spiral Journey in Ireland.  Solid sunshine and warmth was only outmatched by the gracious welcome and warmth of the Irish people.  Will posts pictures later.

Now planning next Spiral Journeys May and September of 2015.  I have shared Wild Geese with many people in both Ireland and in Maine (latter is my home state now) 

Great Irish Warmth to one and all!  Ann 

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Irish Jasper Greens

The Irish Jasper Greens are a militia group out of Savannah, Georgia where they first fought in the Mexican War and are still around today (established in 1842). 

We’re supposed to play only that were written in the mid 19th century, which is when the American Civil War takes place from 1861-1865. However, if we’re getting ready for battle or a mock trial then we put…


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Creepy Things to do with Your Ashes or Your Pet’s

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Biting One's Tongue

The bard of Avon, William Shakespeare, once said:                                                                              

"All the world's a stage and each must play his part."

How right he was! He knew, and tried to forewarn us, that…


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Halloween: It's a Celtic Feast!

May I respectfully add my…


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Caring for the Injured in Brehon Law

Brehon Law had some special and unusual requirements for the care of an injured person.  The victim was entitled to peace and quiet.  The law specifically stated:  “No games are played in…


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Travel and Music Can Broaden the Mind

I read a nice article this Sunday in The New York Times Travel Section about a young man’s growing interest in military history and how it influenced his…


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Heritage Partner
Ireland's Oldest City - Waterford at a Glance

Ireland's oldest city celebrated its 1200th birthday this year. Here is a list of the top things to see and do, if you ever visit Waterford. Situated in the sunny southeast, the 'déise' county holds many of the countries oldest amenities. This list will provide you with…


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This Week in the History of the Irish: October 12 - October 18

Tom Davis from an illustration in Atlas and Cyclopedia of Ireland, c. 1903.

MÁIRT -- On Oct. 14, 1814, Thomas Osborne Davis, the poet laureate of the…


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The Murder of Lily O'Neill, known as Honor Bright, in 1925

The murder had made a big stir from the start, despite the  mayhem in Dublin a few years earlier. The police photo in situ shows a large crowd gathering to stare, and according to reporters they flocked to see the body in the back shed of Lamb Doyle’s public house outside…


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Exclusive Look at 'The Last Torch' for The Wild Geese

Well, we did it. It was hard, but overall I conducted myself with class and rehearsed for hours with an array of talented, crazy people. It was so challenging as a first-time producer and director but what I got was a tight show that told the story. The story has always been my…


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Limerick Scholar Rebuts Those Who Dismiss The Rising's Heroes

New York -- University of Limerick Professor Ruan O'Donnell drew more than 40 to O'Lunney's Times Square Pub on Thursday, October 2nd to issue a resounding rebuttal -- some would argue refutation -- of the recent critics of the 1,700 who went out on Easter Monday 1916. Directly challenging former Irish Prime Minister John Bruton and Senator David Norris,…


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Sheridan Film Retrospective Draws Hundreds -- and Jim Himself

New York -- Writer and director Jim Sheridan returned to his film making roots Saturday with a 60-minute interview followed by a screening of one of Sheridan's numerous Oscar-nominated films, in this case, "In America." The event drew a full house, close to 400 attendees, to NYU's Cantor Film Center. Sheridan is now focused on his next project, a film…


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Transcontinental Railroad in United States

One of the biggest projects in U.S. history, the building of the transcontinental railroad is played out in “Hell on Wheels”.  Four of the lead actors are Irish: Phil Burke, Irish Canadian; Colm Meany, Dublin; Robin McLeavy, Australia – ancestry  Ireland; Dominique…


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Oswald's Backyard Photos

Oswald’s Backyard Photos…


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The Cultivation of a Canine

I must stress upon the reader the fact that no animals were harmed in any way during the writing and re-telling of this story. It is true though, that the star of the tale was definitely shocked, awed and mesmerized not to mention puzzled, bewildered and befuddled. As you read, I am sure you will agree that the unruly canine brought it upon himself with his dogged actions towards my hapless father.…


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