Truth Will Set You Free

The Rurik/Rourke/Rork/Roark/Rook /Ruaric name is one of the oldest names of Irish nobility as well as Russian nobility. However, it's best to speak the truth, which one should know the Rurik's became part of the false Israelites within the Ashkenazi Jewish religion upon their arrival in Kiev. Furthermore, Celtic people's should be aware that their ancestors first lived in Russia and Galicia aka Hylacia which was just southwest of ancient Khazaria (Ukraine). Also know, there are 3 countries with the name Galicia and the sea of Galilee, Scythopolis and T-"Iberians" (similar to Iberia located in ancient Spain) which is what royalty has done to trick the people into believing they existed everywhere and first. Also know, the Ptolmaic Dynasty was of Greek origin and not of the original inhabitants, thus Kabbalah, Gnosticism, and Wicca are all based upon lies and false information.